The Shameful Face of Intolerance

Vandals defaced a campaign sign featuring Glo Smith, a black Republican from Florida running for U.S. Congress.

The implication, of course, is that Smith is “acting white” or “wanna-be white” for running as a Republican. It’s all or nothing with leftists. Either you toe the Democratic party line, or you’re a race traitor, self-hater, or whatever insulting label they can affix to you. They don’t want to label you a critical thinker, an independent thinker.

“We expect signs to be tampered with or stolen,” Smith told NRO, “but not to this extent.”

Her Republican opponent, Thuy Lowe, told NRO that she’s “shocked by this. There have been some comments out there that this may have been caused by bigotry. This is a message that she is an African American woman who is a Republican and therefore has a white point of view.”

Smith said she was hesitant to draw attention to the defaced sign. “I’ve got too much work to focus on to be bothering with things like this. People are ready for a change. [Democratic incumbent] Corrine Brown has been there for more than 20 years.”

And that change can’t come soon enough.

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One comment

  1. Andy McWilliams

    Reminds me of a billboard sign in Harrison Ar. that reads, “Anti Racist is code for anti white.” It gets vandalized all the time by liberals.