America First Legal Demands That Target Open the Books on Its ‘Radical LGBT Political Agenda’ for Shareholder

America First Legal (AFL) is determined to hold the government and corporations accountable for breaking the law and discriminating against individuals on the basis of race and sex, which is prohibited under the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

The organization has filed lawsuits or demands of transparency against Alaska Airlines, Microsoft, Unilever (Ben & Jerry’s parent company), the Nashville police department, Texas A&M University, Anheuser-Busch, and others for violating the law.

AFL recently filed a formal demand against the Target Corporation to produce corporate books and records about the company’s management of its homosexual political agenda. AFL filed the demand on behalf of a client and Target shareholder, the National Center for Public Policy Research.

Target began losing customers and market share in May after promoting “gender fluid” merchandise to children and binding for women and women’s swimsuits for men who wanted to “tuck.” Calls for a boycott went viral on social media. Target responded by either removing the displays in certain stores in the south or moving the items to the back of stores. From AFL:

Target’s 2022 annual report acknowledges that the corporation’s core customer base is made up of “families.” It further recognizes the serious risk to Target’s company’s financial prospects if that core customer base sours on the corporation: “Our continued success is dependent on positive perceptions of Target which, if eroded, could adversely affect our business and our relationships with our guests and team members.”

Nevertheless, the evidence is that Target’s management has recklessly bent the knee to the radical left.

Despite its customer base, Target donated money to an organization that promotes homosexual activism in schools. The particular organization’s mission undermines parents’ rights by directing schools to withhold information from them that concerns a student’s “gender identity” — contrary to federal and state law.

Target has not been serving shareholders but stakeholders, AFL contended. The company lost $12 billion in market valuation.

“For Target to voluntarily and aggressively associate itself with this movement is an act of sabotage against Target shareholders and a destroyer of value — including for countless Americans for whom shares of Target are part of the pension funds, mutual funds, and retirement accounts on which they depend.”

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