Pastor Stephen Broden: ‘The Color Purple’ Remake, Militant Pansexual Feminism, and the Destruction of Black Families

The black family is in complete shambles! Upwards to 80 percent of black homes are single-parent households. Why? The by-product of this fact is evident in the hopelessness of young black men and women who are disconnected from the values that once sustained and maintained the survival of the black family under Jim Crow laws and second-class citizenship.

Unfortunately, the political left has been so demonically effective in bamboozling and deceiving black people that the consequence is that our community is like a ship without a rudder. Through these false merchants of seductive lies, the influence of the black Christian church and faith in God has been critically marginalized. These progressive merchants are Marxists whose goal is to usurp and replace biblical teaching with godless humanism (doctrines of demons.) Their philosophies have blinded black people to the harsh reality of moral decadence and spiritual impotence touching every aspect of community life.

Here’s a fact lost on those who ponder the plight in black America: radical and pansexual feminism, in partnership with the progressive left, has opened the door to God-hating philosophies and political deceptions that have redefined essential institutions and governing principles connected with marriage, the family, and sexuality. Black lesbian feminists, knowingly or unknowingly, use the dynamite of a culturally perverted paradigm to destroy God’s design for the family, fatherhood, motherhood, sexuality, and morality. Through bullying, these pansexual feminists have turned viciously on black male leadership and the family to advance lesbianism, godlessness, secular humanism, and self-aggrandizement.

The central players in this pansexual militant feminism partnership are Alice Walker (award-winning author of “The Color Purple”), Oprah Winfrey, a successful talk show host and entrepreneur, and Whoopi Goldberg, actress and talk show host. These women are the chief purveyors of toxic feminist ideology. The progressive left and the Democratic Party have anointed these women and provided them a national platform to influence and encourage black women to declare independence from their femininity, sons, husbands, fathers, and faith.

These women have joined together to produce a remake of the movie, “The Color Purple.” The theme will undoubtedly portray brutal, insensitive black males, strong male-like black women, lesbian love, and independent godless attitudes. This mindset presented on the big screen, or any screen, is precisely why our families are in utter disarray. Steven Spielberg and Quincy Jones, with the creative genius of a star-studded cast, will, through sophisticated techniques and dynamic images, package a toxic feminist message that will facilitate a desegregating family structure in black America. It will further alienate black male and female relationships, foster an already morally sick and decaying community, and push that community down the rat hole of self-destruction and self-hatred, impacting black youth, particularly boys.

We need to boycott this film and send a message that we will no longer support the agenda of God-hating black feminists and their partners, the demonic left.

The merchants of the left, especially the Democratic Party, have deliberately exploited and manipulated the black community over the years to achieve their dark plot to usurp Christian values in our community.

But, unfortunately, they have found in militant black feminists and other malicious opportunists willing allies to advance their agenda and destroy the power and influence of the black church and religious liberties. Of course, the moral rot pervasive in black American communities started when the progressive Democrats infiltrated the black church. But that’s a discussion for another time.

Our spiritual legacy once provided the strength to stand against the underbelly of our nation’s racist history demonstrated in a systemic injustice ideology once perpetrated on our community. Unfortunately, our spiritual heritage has been virtually obliterated by the evil of the progressive left and their allies, especially godless black pansexual feminists led by Walker, Goldberg, and Winfrey.

The left knew their success hinged on nullifying our Christian heritage and turning our faith and spirituality against God. Alice Walker’s “The Color Purple” and its sinister message is another deadly attack targeted against the black family and churches.

Pastor Stephen E. Broden
Fair Park Bible Fellowship
Executive Director Content of Character Series
Contact: 214-826-0018

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