Alabama Judge Strikes Down Law That Would Protect Women Seeking Abortions

CUREabortionvids2We know that despite what the U.S. Supreme Court says, there is no right of privacy to kill unborn children in the U.S. Constitution. The document doesn’t even imply such a right. A federal judge in Alabama just ruled that a law requiring abortionists to obtain admitting privileges to a nearby hospital, a law intended to save women’s lives, is unconstitutional.

Abortion on demand and without apology.

“The resulting unavailability of abortion in these three cities would impose significant obstacles, burdens, and costs for women across Alabama,” the judge wrote. “The evidence compellingly demonstrates that the requirement would have the striking result of closing three of Alabama’s five abortion clinics, clinics which perform only early abortions, long before viability.”

The court in Roe v. Wade ruled that killing unborn babies was legal until they were able to live outside the womb.

According to the article, the judge compared abortion to gun rights. The huge difference is one involves snuffing out life, and the other is about protecting life. Another difference: one right is enumerated in the Constitution, and the other “right” is fashioned by judges.

Robert Bentley, an MD and governor of Alabama, said he signed the bill into law because the “fundamental assault on the sanctity of innocent human life” that is abortion “should only be done as a last possible effort to save the life of the mother.”

Lakisha Wilson, 22, and Tanya Reeves, 24, both died from abortion complications. Reeves’s family sued Planned Parenthood, and the abortion mill settled for $2 million.

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