What Allen West Said About Global Terrorism and Obama Admin Should Concern All Americans

John Kerry, former U.S. senator and current Secretary of State, recently testified before a congressional committee that Americans and the rest of the world currently face less daily threat than we used to. As Islamic terrorists grow bolder, liberals seem to grow dumber. Or blinder. Or…something.

James Clapper, Director of National Intelligence, contradicted Kerry.

Why the mixed messages? Lt. Col. Allen West said Clapper is correct in the context of the current Islamic threat, and Kerry is thinking back to the (old-school) era of the world wars, when entire countries mobilized against others.

“This is a totally different battlefield, the twenty-first century, that develops non-state, non-uniform belligerents who are fighting against us.” He said ISIS now has affiliates in about 12 different countries.

Why would any American, regardless of political affiliation, seek to downplay this threat? What could anyone possibly gain that trumps protecting Americans?

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  1. Obama has systematically alienated the Constitution in favor of islamic absolutionism. He, obama, is steadfast in his effort to “fundamentally” destroy America and all we can do is post to blogs, and say “it is what it is” for fear of sounding racist?!
    America is deserving its demise. Our friends and allies do not trust us, our enemies do not fear us. We are more concerned about why cops shoot criminals. More concerned about raising minimum wage for those who cannot even get a Big Mac order correct….
    Unless we decimate and ETERNALLY destroy islam, we have failed. Well, obama has failed AS IF………

  2. Elizabeth J Ryniak

    Kerry only listens to the Brotherhood HOODS serving under Hussein.