Allowing Men to Compete with Women in Sports is an Attack on Women’s Rights

“Women are being absolutely destroyed by the LGBT community.”

That’s what Bishop Aubrey Shines said. Allowing men pretending to be women to compete with women in sports harms women. Women are typically smaller and weaker than men, and men have the unfair advantage of testosterone. But this nonsense is becoming government policy.

When you vote for people who want to normalize sexual deviancy and dysmorphia, you’re putting your daughters at risk.

Watch the brief clip for more.

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  1. precisely! that is exactly what is happening, kicking women out of sports. all competitors need a DNA test to prove they are real women in womens sports.

  2. I thought women wanted equality with men, now they just figured out that women can’t compete physically with men… welcome to the real world, ladies!

    • Only feminists wanted equality with men, JoeSixpack, and they’re a minority. Most women didn’t want to compete with men in sports (they knew they couldn’t compete physically); however, they did want equal pay for equal work in the workplace, which is only fair.
      Women in sports simply wanted to compete with other women, not with men. It was the stupid LGBT and feminists who wanted women’s sports abolished. No wonder, ordinary women in the sports field are yelling “Foul” and wanting their own sports for themselves.

      • If like you said “feminists” are a minority, why do “most women” aka majority of women let it happen ???

  3. Women should now be required to register for the draft.