Alveda King: Women’s March Missed An Important Opportunity Because of All the Trump Hate

Dr. Alveda King, who spoke at President Donald Trump’s prayer service on Saturday, recently appeared on Fox News to talk about the Women’s March that took place the same day.

She called the march a missed opportunity. Some of the issues that affect women — human trafficking and domestic violence, for example — are important, but the marchers missed the opportunity to discuss these things with all the emotions and the Trump hate.

One of the hosts asked Dr. King why she believes women’s issues get reduced down to abortion — pro-life and pro-abortion.

“Some of my [pro-life] sisters were there,” she said, “and they were pushed back…” Dr. King has had abortions herself, so she knows the pain and the need for redemption. She can now deliver a non-emotional, fact-filled message. If you push out the pro-life women, who’s going to represent the little girls being aborted?

Another host asked her about the erroneous news report that President Trump had removed a bust of her uncle, Martin Luther King, Jr., from the Oval Office. The media had to retract that report.

“I am so glad President that Donald Trump knows how to tweet,” Dr. King said. “He will quickly correct many things.” She said a reporter was standing in front of the bust, so the others couldn’t see it.

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  1. Thank you Dr King, God Bless You