An Illegal Alien in California Murdered This Man’s Son — His Message to Gov. Jerry Brown

Griff Jenkins of Fox News recently asked California governor Jerry Brown if the sanctuary law “favors the rights of criminal illegal aliens over the rights and the safety of those communities,” and what he’d say to families of people killed by illegal aliens, people who might be alive if not for California’s sanctuary policy.

An angry Brown said, “Let’s be honest. There’s a lot of politics in this on all sides,” and accused the network of “exploiting” the issue of illegal aliens committing crimes.

An illegal alien “DREAMER” murdered an American teenager named Jamiel Shaw, Jr., in Los Angeles in 2008. Fox News asked his father, Jamiel Shaw, Sr., what he thought about his governor’s response.

“You could just see the anger in his heart,” Shaw said. “And just the way he jumped on [Jenkins] like that, you know, like he just doesn’t even care about the victims,” and he’s defending the illegal alien “gangbangers and criminals and hold them up like they’re good people, knowing from day one they broke into the country, and then they just pillage the communities. No one does anything.”

Shaw talked about an event in the Rose Hills Memorial Park cemetery in 2009 in memory of homicide victims. Shaw said when he spoke, he maintained eye contact with Gov. Brown and told Fox News he could tell the governor “didn’t give a damn.” He was just there trying to get votes.

California is full of gun grabbers, yet illegal aliens are walking around committing crimes with guns. Disarming law-abiding residents is the wrong response to gun crime.

The Fox News hosts asked Shaw to speak directly to Gov. Brown. Watch the brief clip to hear what this grieving father had to say.

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  1. There is no situation, no matter how bad, that government can’t make worse. And Brown is one of the best at making things worse.

  2. Mr. Shaw’s message is powerful. He is so right about the governor and rep waters. It is mind boggling that they could be so misguided. They need to be thrown out of office.

  3. These left wing whacks have all but turned two great cities, LA &SF, from beauty into slum gutters like those in 3rd world countries! When the rest of America decides that dumping good tax payer money to fund these “sanctuary cities is no longer in the greater American interest, CA will become the NEW Califmexifornia.