Are Traditional Values Important to Black Voters?

Can Mayor Pete Buttigieg win support among blacks? Rep. James Clyburn of South Carolina, serving in Congress since 1993, doesn’t think so. He said Buttigieg’s homosexuality would be an issue for older black voters.

Black Americans — voters and politicians — used to be Republicans, Bishop Aubrey Shines said. Blacks are conservative when it comes to traditional marriage. The numbers might not reflect that, Shines said, given the percentage of children growing up in homes with no resident father. But they generally stand with traditional marriage — one man, one woman.

Buttigieg is “married” to a man, and Shines attributes this to his lack of support among blacks. Buttigieg criticized Rep. Clyburn, but Shines makes an important point. If Buttigieg became president, would he protect our freedom to criticize him?

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