WATCH: Trump INFLAMED the Culture War — Are We Committed to Winning?

Star Parker, founder and president of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education, recently appeared on American Thought Leaders, an Epoch Times video series, to talk about the critical issues we face as a nation.

President Donald Trump is making Necessary Noise in the culture war and drawing attention to discussions we needed to have for a long time. We’re at a crossroads. We must decide if we’re going to be biblical and free, or secular and statist.

“That’s what’s a stake,” Star said, similar to the slavery issue in the 1850s, when the abolition debate heated up. America had to decide whether to keep black Americans as slaves or abolish slavery.

Washington, D.C., has become a playground for politicians, lawyers, and lobbyists, Star said. It’s time to address the swamp. The founders limited the role of government. People were supposed to be responsible for their own choices and decisions (including the consequences). In addition to the Big Government problem, there is “multiculturalism,” which Star said has evolved into Marxism. That form of government is not what the founders intended.

So how did Donald Trump the candidate and president inflame the existing culture war and enrage liberals?

“I think because liberals see their power slipping away,” Star said. “I think because it used to be that they controlled all media and information sources, so no one noticed what they were doing to our country.” Not only do we have the power of the Internet, but we have a disruptor.

People were concerned about their fundamental religious liberty and preserving their common culture, for example, and being overrun by foreigners who don’t care about American culture.

The people chose Trump to do something about it.

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Star touched on the impeachment fiasco, Trump fixing inner cities, her own journey out of poverty, and why the government should stop fighting the “war on poverty.” Listen to what she has to say.

The full title of Star’s new book is Necessary Noise: How Donald Trump Inflames the Cultural War and Why This is Good News for America.

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  1. Please be careful with the “liberals control the media” narrative. That’s and old and ugly trope that people have worked very hard to separate themselves from.

    • All our news comes from the same 3 multinational conglomerates: NBCUniversal, National Amusements,, WarnerMedia. This is “Corporate Media” and it’s by no means a free press. It’s a “Propaganda Machine”. I don’t turn it on to find out what’s going on in the world. I turn it on to find out what the Global Elite’s Corporate Media Propaganda Machine” wants me to THINK is going on in the world!

  2. This multinational media conglomerates are dominated by Neoliberal ideology,

    • Well, we have a former mayor of New York City running for president who operates a certified “multinational media conglomerate.” His last name does not mean that he and others “own and operate” the American media. Not radio, nor film, television, print or digital. That ugly trope is old as the hills…and needs to be put to rest.