Atheists Meet Christian Resistance They Probably Didn't Expect

PortNechesCrossIt might seem like a small thing to push back at atheists demanding that cities remove Christian symbols from government property, with all the other problems in the world.

But we all know human nature. Once you start giving in to demands, the list of grievances gets longer.

There is nothing in the U.S. Constitution, explicit or implicit, that bars the government from religious involvement. Congress may not establish a religion or infringe on our freedom of religion.

Through the years, courts have banished religion — Christianity — from the government. As the culture continues a downward slide, however, Christians must defy the irreligious, whose ultimate goal is to keep religion (again, Christianity) out of the public square and behind closed doors.

America needs to retain some semblance of its Christian character.

Atheists not even based in Texas have demanded that the city of Port Neches remove a cross on display at a tax-funded park or basically hide it. Christians (and possibly unbelieving freedom lovers) oppose either option. From the Christian News Network:

The cross at issue, a 10-foot cement monument, sits in Riverfront Park in Port Neches, and has done so for the past 45 years. But the Wisconsin-based Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF) states that it recently received a complaint from a “concerned citizen” about the presence of the cross.

On Friday, a number of residents formed a group called “Little White Cross Mid-County Texas” out of their desire to build wooden crosses as a show of support for the park display. While the original intent was just to make a few crosses for family and neighbors, the idea quickly grew, and according to the Beaumont Enterprise, over 1,000 people have already requested a cross to place in their yard.

Some offered to donate wood, time and finances for the effort.

The group’s organizer, Sheila Ackley, made a prediction that might have been far-fetched 20 years ago. But no more.

“And it won’t be long…they’re going to take our churches away. It’s not going to be long and they’re not going to allow us to have our Bibles. And I was placed on this Earth by God to fight for him, and over my dead body.”

The mayor also wants the cross to say right where it is. A cross on government property in a small city in Texas is just as important as the Ground Zero cross in New York City. We stand against assaults on the faith one park, one building, and one terrorist attack site at a time.

Photo credit: Port Neches Christians and Advocates for The Cross at Port Neches Park

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  1. That small town has suffered the attacks of Hurricanes and many individuals there, have been under attacks and still under attack with their prevent battle’s, that cross symbolizes a towns grievances! That whole park area people go to find comfort, to celebrate joy, and to enjoy nature’s beauty! That cross has stood there through horrible storms! It’s a part of that surrounding and that area! If you want that cross covered partially with shrubbery and flowers, ask them to that, but don’t ask them to remove something that withstood the hardships that, that town and it’s people has dealt with and endured! Our country now suffers with so much hurt why add to the hurt that we all face daily!

  2. I commend the town of Port Neches and the surrounding area’s people for taking their time protect something so small yet so important to many! A cross that has withstood Hurricanes and stood through time given all who enter the Riverfront park a quiet comfort, beauty, and reassurance that time goes on, it heals broken hearts in the midst of a great storm it stands strong!

  3. Be alert that our adversary, Satan is looking for.


  4. Matthew Weatherford

    The cross is used for sunrise services, its used for weddings, and its used for prayer groups. Its funny how its been here for 45 years and now its a hindrance to someone. I can asure you that this is no more than some idiot seeking attention. They recently literally formed a satan wroshiping church in Houston. Wow. I also do not understand is a person is a true atheist why are they worried about what someone else believes. They infact do not believe in anything. Instead they want to prove to your face that you are wrong. I have a close friend who is a athiest and he infact says they areny a true athiest because he claims he admires a christians faith in believing in what he cannot see as he cannot. he said he would 100% support the cross because as much as it is christian its also Port Neches history. 45 years worth.

    • Went to school in Port Neches. Met people I loved in that park. Went there to contemplate where I was going. Can see that cross in HD in my mind. Leave it alone.

  5. Pt. Neches is a strong community containing a close knit group of people that enjoy coming together for anything from football games (Go Indians!!) to church. It is rich in pride. They are a peaceful people, but that doesn’t stop them from standing up for what they believe. They aren’t push-overs and will stand strong to defend what it is they believe in. They are the many that will refuse to cave to the few. It would bode the FFRF well to not attempt to win this battle because the people WILL bring a war. The FFRF may want to look elsewhere for a fight. They don’t have what it takes to fight GOD in this community. God bless Port Neches and the Golden Triangle!

  6. As a native of the Golden Triangle, I say, will anyone be hurt by the Port Neches Cross staying put? Will anyone be hurt by its removal? We have to all evolve together, and I’m patiently waiting.

  7. It isn’t so much about dismantling the statues and the plaques, it is about disenfranchising a group of people. That my friends is racism. It is anti-Minority racism. It is hate against Whites and it is hate against the God of Abraham. For more info, see the White House Cartel.