Atlanta Mayor Terminates Fire Chief Author of Book Calling Homosexuality A Sin

KelvinCochranHomosexuality is a sin. Any Christian who believes the Bible affirms this fact.

Most Christians I know aren’t inclined to tell people what to do in the privacy of their own homes. If you know the truth and still refuse to repent and accept Christ, that’s your burden to bear. The problem arises when proponents and practitioners of the lifestyle infringe on Christians’ rights or even unbelievers’ not to accept or celebrate this particular sin.

Drunkards or liars don’t have powerful lobbies and groups. Why? Mostly because being a drunkard and a liar are shameful. You don’t have to believe what the Bible says about these things — that they’re sins — to consider them wrong and destructive. But homosexuals have the lobby and the groups that promote their lifestyle. Privacy, and generally being left alone, aren’t enough. They want special rights and the government power to compel religious businesses and institutions to call good what God has called an abomination.

Atlanta Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran, a Christian, called homosexuality by its name: a sexual perversion of God’s order. At first the mayor suspended the author of the self-published book, Who Told You That You Are Naked? According to the Washington Times, Cochran has since been fired. The mayor claims he fired Cochran not because of the book, but because of Cochran’s judgment (emphasis added):

In the book, Mr. Cochran identifies himself as Atlanta’s fire chief and says it’s his first priority within the department “to cultivate its culture to the glory of God.” He was accused of distributing copies of the book at work, prompting an investigation into potential discrimination within the fire department. The findings of that investigation have not yet been released, the Journal-Constitution reported.

Mayor Kasim Reed said in November that such writings were inconsistent with the city’s employment policies. He announced on Tuesday that the city would be separating from Mr. Cochran.

So the official story will be that Cochran was not fired over the book, but for reportedly handing out the book at work. Was it really against policy to hand out religious literature, or is it just a handy excuse, despite the mayor’s denials?

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  1. Wait a minute. It strikes me that firing someone for saying something is about as bad, if not nearly as violent, as killing 12 people who don’t agree with you.

  2. It’s because he WROTE the book. I’m sure he didn’t make the firemen take it. It’s really ironic how everyone wants to trample on the rights of Christians by saying they are offending people. Well the last time I checked we are people who live in the land of the free where people ran to to be able to worship freely! How about all I’m going to start a movement – if you don’t like my God, what I stand for, how I praise God…go crawl under a rock!
    Now, this fire chief needs to sue the state of Atlanta for trampling on his rights! #BottomLine!