Aubrey Shines Implores Pastors to Speak Up About Protecting Our First Amendment Freedoms

Aubrey Shines heard about comedian Dave Chappelle’s comment on the First and Second Amendments:

“The First Amendment is first for a reason. The Second Amendment is just in case the first one doesn’t work out.”

That is actually what the founders intended — the right to keep and bear arms to protect the people from government tyranny.

Shines acknowledges that he might not agree with Chappelle on other issues, but he believes Chappelle should be applauded for defending freedoms that people in the clergy and civil rights movement used to champion.

Silencing the people, even if you hate what they say, is controlling them. This is what evil tyrants do (see Hitler and Mussolini).

Shines says that most pastors won’t speak out on issues like abortion or homosexual “marriage.” Even if they oppose these things, they vote for people who support them. Shines has a strong message for pastors they might not like.

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