Awkward! Here’s What Congress Might Do About the FBI Stonewalling the Investigation of Bias Against Trump

The Conservative Review’s Deneen Borelli jumps on mainstream media and the FBI for trying to take down President Donald Trump, abandoning standards of fairness, ethics, and justice.

Leftist media and other Trump haters jumped the gun on ABC News’s false report that Michael Flynn was going to testified that Trump asked him to contact the Russians while running for president, apparently to help him win the election.

ABC “clarified” the false report. Flynn said the president asked him to contact the Russians after he won the election to repair relations with the former Soviet Union.

Congress is tired of the FBI stonewalling on requests for information in the investigation of a top agent, and here’s what lawmakers might do:

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  1. Deneen Borelli, “keeping it real!” Sic’em dawlin’!!