Some Ben Carson Fans Bristle At His Decision To Appear At Sharpton Convention

BenCarsonSharptonLikely 2016 presidential hopeful Ben Carson is receiving a mixed reaction to news that he will be among the featured guests at Al Sharpton’s upcoming National Action Network convention. A conservative star, the retired neurosurgeon was listed among several high-profile speakers set to join Sharpton for the April event.

In response to a Twitter post by the NAN promoting the convention, many Carson supporters openly questioned his decision to participate.

“Losing respect for Ben Carson if hes [sic] speaking at one of your racist rallies,” one Twitter user wrote.

Sites like Twitchy were quick to jump on the news, sparking increased social media discussion. While the announced appearance certainly earned Carson some criticism, plenty of others saw it as a potential positive.

Hearkening back to the 2013 National Prayer Breakfast during which Carson became a household name by criticizing the Obama administration in front of Barack Obama, some felt he is positioning himself to create another similar moment in front of Sharpton and his allies.

“Ben Carson and Al Sharpton together?” one post asked. “Either the weather is so bad hell has frozen over or Dr. Carson is gonna go ‘prayer breakfast’ on Al.”

Still others opted to assume Carson’s motivation is outreach rather than capitulation.

“I despise Sharpton as much as anyone,” one Twitter user explained, “but Carson cant [sic] gain support by simply preaching to GOP. This could b [sic] a very good thing.”

That sentiment was echoed by many, including one remark that Carson “can’t do outreach by only appearing on Fox!”

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BCN editor’s note: This article first appeared at Western Journalism.

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  1. Sounds like something a person should do if he or she wanted to be President of “not red States, or blue States, but the United States”.

  2. Considering what I have seen of Dr. Carson, I see his appearance as an opportunity to speak some common sense to those who have not been hearing any from Sharpton. Please don’t be so quick to condemn what you do not understand. Think about it, if Carson does not speak here, how will be get to those who need to see the light of freedom from the Democratic plantation? It’s always easier to speak to those who agree with us. Right now, it is critical to get the die-hards to see through a different lens.

  3. What better way to speak truth to those in error than to enter their arena and engage them publicly. More republicans should endeavor to do so. I know its like entering the lion’s den but like Daniel, God will protect them.