Ben Carson's Latest Syndicated Column Was Nixed Because He Wrote About This

Ben_Carson_column_nixedRetired neurosurgeon Ben Carson has become a prominent conservative figure over the past few years with speculation growing that he is set to throw his hat in the ring as a 2016 presidential contender. Willing to opine on any number of issues, the soft-spoken Carson has amassed an enthusiastic group of supporters.

In addition to frequent media appearances and speeches, he is able to reach a wide audience through columns published by numerous outlets via Creators Syndicate. The syndication service, however, pulled the plug on Carson’s latest piece due to its perceived references to campaign-related issues.

Though he has formed an exploratory committee ahead of his ultimate decision regarding a White House bid, his new column struck some as a campaign piece. Among those who saw it as such, it turns out, is David Yontz, managing editor at Creators Syndicate.

Yontz noted that while Carson used the forum to explore “what he would do as an official candidate for president of the United States,” he also “described himself as a candidate for president” in the same column. Such assertions are inappropriate, he explained in addressing the decision to pull the article.

Carson’s editorial is available on other sites, including WND, and begins with Carson’s assertion that he has “much to learn in terms of becoming both a better candidate and a better potential president of the United States.”

The announcement came as a surprise to some keeping up with a field of candidates that currently consists of just one official hopeful — Texas Sen. Ted Cruz.

“He’s a candidate?” one reader asked in the comments section of WND’s post.

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BCN editor’s note: This article first appeared at Western Journalism.

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