Pastor Ronnie Goines: "Faith is also following proper doctrine concerning Jesus Christ’

Pastor Ronnie Goines of Koinonia Christian Church in Arlington, Texas, is one of the men who participated in the National Baptist Fellowship of Concerned Pastors Press Conference, which you can view in its entirety here.

Earlier this week, we featured Pastor Robert White, who shared his message about homosexual “marriage” and the church.

Some quotes from Pastor Goines:

“I honestly don’t feel that this is an issue that may be resolved biblically. Had the bible been the standard, had the bible been the plumb line of this issue, then the issue of same-sex marriage would have been put to death at its inception. Every preacher, teacher, student worth his salt knows that when it comes to proper hermeneutics, you do not interpret the literal text by the abstract, inferred text. You start with a foundation text, and then you use the foundation text as a platform to interpret the more difficult text. Unfortunately this principle has been disregarded and abandoned. It’s been replaced by the erection of a straw-pseudo-chapel in which same-sex marriage can be honored and held.

“Therefore, to present a biblical polemic against same-sex marriage would be unfortunately futile. This issue is, at its core, light versus darkness, good versus evil, and in this context, kingdom versus culture. This is the exact issue that Paul warned us against, that these latter days. Those will come with doctrines of demons and lead people away from their faith. Faith is not just faith in Jesus Christ, faith is also following proper doctrine concerning Jesus Christ.

“It does appear that the participants of this new worldview of marriage can be convinced that the definition of marriage has not changed since the bible was authored by the holy omniscient God via man, of His choosing given with inspiration, therefore; we ourselves are a part of the gathering by Joshua, in Joshua 24:15.

“Christians are simply going to have to make a choice of whom they’re going to serve. There are smart people on both sides of the issue. At the end of the day, every Christian is going to have to make the decision. Will we follow the little gods of tradition and sin that those before us have committed? Will we follow the little gods of the culture we are now serving…or will we serve the Lord?”

We will feature more pastors and quotes after Holy Week.

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