Which Do You Think is Better — Conservative or Liberal Parenting?

Conservative parenting practices are better than leftist parenting practices.

Do you agree?

Well, if you don’t, let Star Parker convince you.

In a recent episode on Straight Arrow News, Star said that although we can’t predict the future, children are the best indicator of what the world will become.

Children really are our future. So what’s the best way to parent them?

There is a stark contrast in the worldview of conservative and liberal ideals. Star said there’s been a sharp rise in mental health issues among children in the last decade, but especially among children raised in liberal households. Why are children in left-leaning households experiencing more depression than children raised in conservative households?

Conservative households report more church membership and belief in God. Conservatives are more likely to be married and in happy marriages.

Differences in worldviews can determine the differences in happiness.

“Conservatives champion the individual, the self-reliance, self-accountability,” Star said. “So it’s a question of whether you are a victor or a victim. Liberals believe profoundly in victimhood.”

When you have no divine guidance, the victimhood mentality is the only thing guiding your life.

Listen to Star’s words of wisdom for parents below or at Straight Arrow News.

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  1. As a Grandparent picking up Elementary school Grandkids from School it is Very obvious to notice the Character of the louder, more obnoxious, out of control kids are picked up by the Pink or Blue Haired, sloppy dressed, covered in tattoos Parents!

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