Power, Poverty, & Politics Podcast: Biden’s Union Expansion Power Grab

In this episode of Star Parker’s Power, Poverty, & Politics podcast, she spoke about a piece of legislation that protects unions called the PRO Act — Protecting the Right to Organize.

Like Democrats, unions also love Big Government. The PRO Act is a union-expansion measure buried in the budget reconciliation bill so it can pass with a simple majority and not subject to filibuster. Star said that certain unions want to take the country in the opposite direction from where it needs to go in this new era of global competition and technology.

The PRO Act will nationalize California’s AB5 law, passed in 2019. Star calls AB5 “a horror.” This law specifies that contractors must be reclassified by businesses that hire them as employees, unless they meet specific and rigorous standards allowing them to stay independent. Freelancers have lost contracts in California because of this law. Freelancers and “gig” workers want freedom and flexibility in this economy. Truckers have had to go to court to get from under AB5. And now Democrats want to effectively nationalize this law?

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