Black Americans, Remain True to Our God — Watch CURE America with Star Parker

Every February, we pause to take a look at African American history and how it involves the grand American story. In our society today, however, others are trying to dictate what that story was and is.

This week on CURE America, we take a pause not only to sift through the noise of the news as we normally do, but also to sift through the noise of history as well. Delano Squires, Research Fellow at the Heritage Foundation and contributor of The Blaze, joins the show. Delano takes us through the story and ideals of Frederick Douglass and how the actions of the Left today are not only a contrast to this hero’s ideals, but are in direct opposition to his messages of freedom and uplifting the individual, not the government.

Lakuita Bittle, Director of Attorney Ministries at the Christian Legal Society, highlights the profile of another hero in the story, Harriet Tubman, and the great work of the Christian Legal Society in uplifting individuals to safeguard life and liberty. Pastor Dan Crabtree of the Immanuel Bible Church takes us through his recent book, A House Without Walls: How Christ Unites His Ethnically Divided Church, and how the greatest truth will always remain in the Gospel, and how that truth, regardless of race and background, unites us.

In the midst of honoring these legacies and stories, we take a moment to sift through President Biden’s State of the Union Speech, with Richard Manning joining CURE’s Marty Dannenfelser on the panel. Jonathan Alexandre, who guides through an analysis and appreciation of the people and stories within African American history, guest hosts the show again this week.

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  1. I heartedly enjoyed the discussion between Johnathan Alexandre and Delano Squires. Good stuff BCN.