WATCH: Black Celebrities Who Support This 'Conservative' Issue

What can parents with children in failing government schools do to get their kids out and into better schools? Besides move to a better neighborhood, which they might not be able to afford, or send them to private schools, which they might not be able to afford, not much.

School-choice advocates are raising awareness about educational options during National School Choice Week, as they hold events across the country.

The Free Beacon reported that a “record 32 governors and 240 mayors and county leaders issued official proclamations recognizing the week of Jan. 24-30… to spotlight educational options for schoolchildren.”

Democrats oppose educational choices for children in low-income areas, but black voters tend to choose these politicians to represent them. Why? Perhaps lack of awareness plays a role. Last year, several black celebrities endorsed school choice. Such endorsements might help.

But there is powerful resistance.

“Minority children, 70 percent of whom are born into single-parent homes, must have the choice to go to schools where traditional values are taught,” CURE’s Star Parker wrote. “But the teachers unions do everything to make sure this cannot happen.”

Is education a civil rights issue? Sen. Ted Cruz believes school choice certainly qualifies. “It shouldn’t matter what your race or ethnicity or zip code is. Every single child deserves an opportunity to achieve the very best.”

Do educational options help children? From the Daily Signal:

In a meta-analysis of the existing school choice literature, researcher Greg Forster found that to date, 12 empirical analyses employing random assignment methodology have examined the impact of school choice on the academic outcomes of participating children. Of the 12 studies, 11 found that school choice improved academic outcomes, with one study found no impact.

In addition to the positive impacts on academic outcomes, Forster also found that 23 evaluations of the impact of school choice on public schools have been conducted to date, using a mix of methodologies.

Twenty-two of the 23 studies found that choice improved educational outcomes for students in the public schools that faced competition because of school choice policies, while one study was unable to detect any impact. In addition to the positive impacts of choice on educational outcomes and public school performance, researchers have conducted six empirical evaluations of the fiscal cost of school choice, all finding school choice creates savings for taxpayers.


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  1. Sure we can send our kids to more affluent schools where they’ll continue to learn that white men created, invented and discovered EVERYTHING and propaganda infused math/English skills . OR the black community and black celebrities can rally around creating our own Afrikan center schools and start taking control over what goes into the minds of our next generation. White affluent skills can’t teach the black community what it’s lacking or how to overcome the unique oppression we suffer from only WE can do that. Stop begging to be a second class consumer of someone else’s stuff and let’s get to work producing our own school best suited to our culture and struggle.

    • You want self-segregation then go back to South Africa,etc. Schools are meant to be places for learning NOT for your Apartheid-like bs. We would never have Dr. Ben Carson,etc if you had your self-segregation bs in schools. I hope you have your bathing suit for your swim back to South Africa because planes and boats won’t tolerate your self-segregation bs on them . Either integrate with the Rest of the US or just get up and move to North Korea,etc

  2. How Many of those in that wonderful piece will vote for democrats that support the same ole sameo?

    • So you want school choice yet you keep mindlessly voting for Obama/Democrats who all oppose school choice and you wonder why school choice never happens. You want school choice than you need to break out of you mindlessly voting Democrat only and ultimately switch your political affiliation to Republican/ Independent. Plain and Simple

    • The sick Irony is most in this piece will continue to mindlessly vote for the anti-school choice Obama/Democrats

  3. Good luck fighting teacher’s unions with that.

  4. Pastor Wendell D Edwards II

    Educational choice is not a conservative issue, it is what is right!!! When I was a child my parents, who were educators, did what was necessary for me to attend better schools in the school district. Conservatives push this issue for their own reasons and it’s not because they care about children of color. Let’s push what we need for ours and leave the rest alone!

    • So you want school choice but you don’t what do to what’s necessary to get the right thing done simply because whether you want to admit it or not, it IS a Conservative issue, well Conservative Libertarian issue is more accurate. Why do you care more about partisan politics than who’s actually pushing for doing “the Right Thing” because it’s NOT your beloved Obama/Democrats that are pushing for it.

  5. This would actually make schools competitive, and get them to be “the best at” what communities needs are. It would be nice to actually tell the truth, that Democrats have always been a party of oppression, and special rights given to only the elite. You can see this if you study the truth in history.