Black Conservatives Stand Up for Trump

“I don’t think the president’s racist,” Robert Woodson told told the Washington Times. “I think he’s honest. As I tweeted out, he’s rude, crude and true.”

Woodson knows firsthand what inner-city poverty is like. According to the Times, he’s devoted his life to improving conditions.

President Donald Trump’s opponents will jump on anything he says or does, anything bad that happens in the country and blame him. Take this weekend’s mass shootings. These kinds of tragedies have happened under different presidents. But leftists are still seething that Hillary Clinton lost her chance at the presidency at the hands of voters. That’s what the “racist” accusations are all about.

The president told the truth about parts of Baltimore, which Rep. Elijah Cummings represents.

“The president is raising a legitimate issue, that the conditions all over this country in low-income black neighborhoods that have been controlled by Democrats for the past 40 to 50 years have gotten worse for the people living there, but not for their representatives,” Woodson told the Washington Times. “They have personally prospered.”

Another conservative named Derrick Wilburn, executive director of Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives, has a message for liberal lawmakers.

“If you were a Democrat helping to run inner-city Chicago, Baltimore, Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, St. Louis, take your pick, and you did not do everything in your power to deflect attention away from the results your policies have produced, you’re a fool,” he told the Washington Times.

Herman Cain said people are focusing on the wrong issue: race instead of rats.

The people who live in these conditions might not support the president, but they know he told the truth. Star Parker, founder and president of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education, said it’s encouraging that President Trump brought attention to Baltimore’s and other inner cities’ problems.

“So the fact that the president is pointing to this challenge in our country is very, very encouraging, because once you have attention to a problem, you might actually try to solve it,” she said. “This is a conversation that’s long overdue, and this is a conversation Donald Trump is bringing to the forefront. In his inaugural, he said he wanted to fix the inner cities, and this is part of his plan.”

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  1. Residents of Democrat-controlled, inner cities, “What have you got to lose but the rats ?”

  2. You must appreciate President Trump’s candor about African-Americans. Unlike 60 years of smiling two-faced “liberals/conservatives,” at least one knows where they stand with Trump.