Black Lives Matter is the ‘Restart of the Communist Movement…’

Star Parker recently appeared on the Victory Channel on a show called Flashpoint! to discuss what’s happening in our country right now. She appears with host Gene Bailey and guests Lance Wallnau and Rev. Samuel Rodriguez.

Star said that Black Lives Matter “is a restart of a Communist movement that has been in our country throughout the existence of our country. And there was a little pause point during the civil rights era simply because Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., came from a different perspective…of Christianity and unity. So, we saw that the divisiveness of the Communist agenda had to go underground for a little while.”

But Communism didn’t stay underground for long. At the end of the 1960s, it emerged in the form of the black power movement.

“The founders of BLM are Marxist, and they have declared themselves, and their end result is secularism and Big Government,” Star said. “So the body of Christ has never been at a place like this before, where we are the persecuted church. We’re starting to see what they have in mind through this agenda with this Equality Act.”

The panelists have an interesting discussion on current events from a Christian perspective. Watch the show to hear what they had to say about the so-called Equality Act.

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  1. Thank you Mrs Parker for your stance voice and courage. We love you. The American people need you. Christ Yeshua is glorified by you. God bless you 🙏