Black Pastor Strikes Fear Into 'Black Lives Matter' Protesters With This Nine-Word Question

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In a discussion on Fox News recently, black minister Johnathan Gentry took a critical tone toward those participating in race-based protests across the nation while ignoring the issues in their own neighborhoods.

Your World with Neil Cavuto guest host Charles Payne began the segment with video of a reporter’s effort to determine whether Republican presidential candidate Scott Walker would agree to a meeting with members of the Black Lives Matter movement.

“My advice to every presidential candidate out there,” Gentry started, “if they want to speak with you, challenge them. ‘Yes, I do want to talk to you.’ And when they do get in your presence, ask them: ‘If black lives matter, how come you ain’t cleaning up your own community?”

He went on to explain that many of the racially motivated rioters involved in the largely rudderless campaign have turned a blind eye toward the violence that dominates many black communities.

“You’re kind of preaching to the choir here,” Payne chimed in, noting that several Democrats have been among those pressured to apologize after contending that all lives matter.

“We are going around in constant circles,” Gentry asserted, “with some people who cannot recognize their own foolishness.”

As the presidential primary continues, he urged all White House hopefuls to engage – and challenge – those staging and promoting the disruptive protests.

“No presidential candidate should be afraid of this superficial, shallow movement,” he said. “They are cookies with no milk, Lamborghinis with no 12-cylinder engine, clouds without tempest. They are shallow.”

He predicted that, of all candidates currently vying for the GOP presidential nomination, the “only one that would hit them where it hurts would be Donald Trump.”

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BCN editor’s note: This article first appeared at Western Journalism.

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  1. Star Parker, I appreciate your posting this, but I’m also uncomfortable with it, and let me tell you why.

    As a nation, we need to come together and unite. There are dark days ahead and we will not survive them unless we unite. To do that, we need to become colorblind. We can appreciate culture. We can have reverence for history. But as long as we focus on color, we will never overcome the racism and the curse of diversity.

    And diversity is a curse. While on the surface it seeks to provide respect for all, it does so by pulling us apart. How can we be United States when the policy divides?