Black School-Choice Advocates Ask to Meet with Anti-Choice NAACP

schoolchoiceBlack school-choice advocates continue their quest to help low-income parents with children in failing government schools send them to better ones.

CURE’s Star Parker, a school-choice advocate, wrote about a group of pastors in Florida who urged the NAACP to drop out of a lawsuit to dismantle the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship.

The NAACP is also lobbying the government to place a moratorium on new charter schools. The organization passed a resolution to this effect.

The Black Alliance for Education Options and the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools sent a letter to NAACP last week asking to meet and discuss the issue before the organization’s board finalizes the resolution next month. An excerpt (PDF):

The proposed resolution cites a variety of cherry-picked and debunked claims about charter schools. The notion of dedicated charter school founders and educators acting like predatory subprime mortgage lenders—a comparison the resolution explicitly makes—is a far cry from the truth. In reality, charter schools generally receive less per-pupil funding than traditional district public schools and often receive little or no funding to purchase buildings or maintain classrooms. Despite these hurdles, charter schools are helping students achieve at higher levels than traditional district schools.

Not only is the resolution’s mischaracterization of charter schools misinformed, but the proposed nationwide moratorium on new charter schools would ultimately reduce opportunities for Black students, many of whom come from low-income and working-class families…Charter schools are immensely popular among Black families.

Democrats, including teachers unions, oppose educational options that would help parents who care about their children’s education.

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore (Creative Commons) – Some rights reserved

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  1. Talking to the NAACP is a waist of time because the NAACP along with Democrats are determine to dumb down education for Black children in America. They are more interested in Teachers Union members keeping their job than educating children.

    The NAACP has become a Socialist organization with many of it’s member leaning toward outright communism. Growing government programs regardless of their effectiveness are their main concern.

    School choice advocates should take their concerns directly to parents who have children in failing government schools ……..because parents are the best advocates for choice in education.

    Change will come from parents…….not NAACP.

  2. Please start an all black conservative news program like FOX but call it the FIX network. You guys are knocking it out of the park on this website! Go, go go!