Bobby Jindal Describes Why — And How — The Left Became Filled With Bullies

BobbyJindalIn a recent Breitbart interview, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal offered an indictment of leftist ideology, using issues like gun control and religious freedom to describe what he believes is a pattern of bullying.

“Look what they did in Indiana,” he said, “when it came to the fight over religious liberty. They are bullies who try to intimidate their opponents. They can’t argue with us — at least they can’t argue with us on the merits of the matter or ideas or even what the Founding Fathers intended — so they just bully.”

Moving from the reaction by many leftists to Indiana’s attempt to implement a religious law, Jindal lamented that “they are going to try to bully us out of our Second Amendment rights,” warning conservatives that “we mustn’t let them.”

He recognized a common theme among many initiatives emanating from the left.

“There is this attitude on the left,” he explained, “that they know how to live our lives better than we do.”

Jindal acknowledged that those targeting the Second Amendment — which he said contained an “important liberty right” — are also trying to limit the freedoms enumerated elsewhere in the Constitution.

For example, he asserted that the First Amendment is being similarly attacked, saying, “they are coming after our freedom of speech and freedom of association rights.”

Citing one prominent politician’s record as an example, he said he doesn’t believe “it’s any coincidence” that former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, “who is opposed to Second Amendment rights, was also the mayor who thought that he knew best how much soda New Yorkers should be drinking.”

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BCN editor’s note: This article first appeared at Western Journalism.

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