State Lawmakers Pass Bills That Would Protect Campus Christians

While conservatives dominate state legislatures across the country, the time to strengthen First Amendment rights and protect Christians is right now.

The College Fix reports that conservative senators in Kansas have passed a bill that would bar state schools from penalizing student religious groups that require members to adhere to the group’s religious tenets.

Such a law would be unnecessary if the government valued the First Amendment. The University of California — Hastings College of Law, a taxpayer-supported school, refused to recognize the Christian Legal Society because the student group required members to adhere to its Statement of Beliefs. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in the government’s favor. Why? Because the statement barred homosexual behavior — a sin. Tough luck for liars and thieves.

(I’d pay good money to see a liberal make an example of a Muslim group and try to assume a leadership position.)

A similar bill passed in the Missouri House of Representatives. Oklahoma already has a religious freedom protection law for students on the books. An excerpt from the story:

But not all attempts at passing such laws are successful. An effort in Colorado to pass a higher education Freedom of Association Act bill was shelved in February.

“Animosity against religion, particularly Christianity and most especially Catholicism, is rising and becoming a new orthodoxy. This is caused mostly by a desire to be without rules. It is narcissism and self-indulgence with a vengeance,” Sen. [Steve] Fitzgerald told The College Fix in an email.

Universities’ anti-discrimination policies, also called “all comers” policies, have wreaked havoc on many Christian clubs across the country.

All 23 California State University schools require that Christian groups allow non-Christians to lead their organizations, even individuals with beliefs antithetical to the clubs’ missions. Subsequently unrecognized, denied free access to university meeting space, and prohibited from advertising on campus and in dorms, among other hindrances, Cal State University Christian clubs have witnessed declining membership.

Christians compromise and cave, and where does it get us? What ever Christians give up to appease liberals, it will never be enough. They want us to change the way we think and to call God a liar.

Let’s hope these lawmakers are made of tougher stuff that Indiana’s Gov. Mike Pence.

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