BU President 'Disappointed' in Professor Who Clearly Doesn't Like White People – UPDATE

v_grundyWe are a country of double standards. America has more than made up for slavery and government-sanctioned racial segregation. Unfortunately, we’ve gone too far in the other direction, excusing blacks for doing and saying things people (especially mainstream media) wouldn’t tolerate coming from whites.

For example, incoming Boston University professor Saida Grundy does not like white people. That’s not a crime. But the problem is that she’s going to be teaching white students, and she published these biased views on her public Twitter profile. Besides that, it’s just not a dignified way for a college professor to present herself.

A backlash ensued:

In recent weeks Ms. Grundy has tweeted that “white masculinity is THE problem for America’s colleges,” white men are a “problem population,” and that she avoids shopping in white-owned businesses.

In response to media inquiries about Ms. Grundy’s racially-charged sentiments in relation to her new job with the school, BU officials at first defended the professor, saying she was exercising her right to free speech.

Then, following a barrage of angry emails from students and threats from alumni vowing to yank their donations, the school issued a new statement.

Grundy’s Twitter account is now private, but her preserved tweets reveal her ignorance of history in her determination to demonize white men. She wrote that Europeans “invented” slavery and that there was “no race except europeans who kidnapped and transported” people to enslave them.

How can she not know about Arab slave trading then and now? Slavery has existed throughout the world. Europeans are the ones who advocated ending it. Grundy demonstrated shockingly poor judgment and publicized her erroneous beliefs.

The president of the school issued a statement. He wrote that his school “does not condone racism or bigotry in any form, and we are committed to maintaining an educational environment that is free from bias, fully inclusive, and open to wide-ranging discussions. We are disappointed and concerned by statements that reduce individuals to stereotypes on the basis of a broad category such as sex, race, or ethnicity. I believe Dr. Grundy’s remarks fit this characterization.”

Update: Saida Grundy reportedly has regrets:

“I regret that my personal passion about issues surrounding these events led me to speak about them indelicately. I deprived them of the nuance and complexity that such subjects always deserve.”

The “nuance and complexity” of falsely claiming only Europeans had slaves…

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