WATCH: Dr. Alveda King on Tony Robinson Shooting and Aftermath

How long will these white-cop-shoots-black-man (or half-black, as the case may be) stories continue to go global? At least through the long, hot summer. These incidents reflect the disproportionate crime rates among young black men and the necessary police presence in their lives.

But stirring up racial resentment and class envy is what liberals do, including the mainstream media.

Officer Matt Kenny, responding to 911 calls, shot and killed a half-black man, Tony Robinson, who reportedly was behaving erratically. The officer said Robinson assaulted him, and doing what he was trained to do, Officer Kenny maintained control of the situation — and possession of his firearm — and shot Robinson.

The district attorney will not charge Officer Kenny with a crime. Dr. Alveda King recently appeared on Fox News to comment on the incident and the response.

Dr. King acknowledged that Robinson was a perpetrator, and not a victim, and disagreed with those who say the officer should have used a taser on him, who was described as “crazed.” She wondered why Officer Kenny didn’t wait for backup. If Robinson had been such a threat — and she believes reports that he was “crazed” — there should have been time to call for backup. She said she hears too often that there’s always just one officer when there should be at least two.

Dr. King reiterated that using a gun instead of a taser was the right thing to do. “If you’ve never been in that situation — and I’ve been in the midst of protests and riots, and when people are crazed, then it is very difficult to use what we think would be reasonable [force].”

Police backup did arrive, but too late for the officer, who was under threat.

Dr. King said we have to look higher for solutions than human reasoning and efforts. You can’t just blame the prosecutors or the police officers. “I believe we must turn to God to get the answers, Neil.”

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