Building An Alternative to ‘Black Lives Matter’

GeorgeSorosIn a remarkable email leak from George Soros’ organization, we learned that at least $133 million dollars have been given to Black Lives Matter and similar organizations.

Let me give you four quick facts:

1. Burn America to the ground

George Soros was born in Hungary and runs a company with $29 billion in assets. Soros and progressives HATE America. Every organization he creates runs under the same premise: quickly destroy America through violence and rebuild it into a socialist paradise. This has been the socialist dream since the founding of our nation. Never before have we come so close for this nightmare to become true as progressives aim to replace conservatives in every branch of government.

2. Hillary Clinton 

George Soros has long-backed Hillary Clinton, giving at least $8 million to her campaign. With this cash, progressives have attached themselves to her and built a race-obsessed campaign, where she speaks to black audiences in a fake Southern accent and tells them she carries hotsauce in her purse. Her campaign is infused with the themes of ‘racial justice’, where just yesterday at a rally, she said that every conservative is a racist. You read that correctly — she said every conservative is a racist.

3. Progressives exploit race to divide us and control our country

Racial division is at the center of this year’s presidential campaign, probably moreso than any election in living memory. For 50 years, progressives have controlled black-majority populations and have never had to show results for it. That’s why blacks continue their lock-step support for them because they have bought the lie that progressives protect their rights from discrimination as long as they vote for them. I call this phenomenon “Uncle Sam’s Plantation” and even wrote the book about it!

4. My life is the model to break the Leftist lie

You know about my life when I lived on welfare and before I became a Christian. But when I listened to a pastor boldly tell me to get off of welfare, I did it! It was that simple. I then started my own business in Los Angeles, but when that was destroyed by the Rodney King riots, I realized I had to change minds in America about socialism. To help more Americans escape from Uncle Sam’s Plantation, I knew someone must expose the leftist lie that has destroyed black lives. Through my experience, I knew that there’s no one like a black pastor who can do this in African American communities. That’s why I founded CURE, the non-profit that I lead in Washington, DC.

Friend, progressives have made it clear: they WILL control us through violence and retribution if they do not get their way. We must stop them.

That’s why we must build the alternative to Black Lives Matter. Only CURE can do this as we have earned the trust of black pastors across the country who have woken up to the leftist lie!

We will hold a major Black Pastor Policy Summit in Washington, DC. So far, I have more than 30 influential pastors who have committed to join with me to learn how we can build the alternative to Black Lives Matter in their communities.

Do NOT let Progressives erase the uniqueness of American freedom.

Photo credit: By Niccolò CarantiOwn work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Wikimedia Commons

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