Carol Swain’s Warning: Universities Aren’t Even Pretending to Be THIS Anymore

Dr. Carol Swain, a conservative who dared criticize Islam, used to teach law at Vanderbilt University. Students petitioned the school to fire her in 2015. She retired in 2017.

With firsthand knowledge of how liberals attempt to stifle views they oppose, Dr. Swain said in 2015 that she’s “very concerned about what’s happening across the nation,” and believes “university administrators have lost control and that they’re making a serious mistake when they give in to students using those 1960s, 1970s protest strategies.”

After Dr. Swain stood up to the so-called Southern Poverty Law Center — a leftist group that labels other groups as “hate” groups — they called her an apologist for white supremacists.

Additionally, she said that a government school district was ignorant for banning To Kill a Mockingbird because it made students “uncomfortable.” Dr. Swain said this book helped ignite the 1960s civil rights movement.

At the National Religious Broadcasters convention last week, Dr. Swain (who blogs at Be The People) reiterated her warnings about the freedom-stifling left. Speaking to Rev. Derek McCoy, Executive Vice President of Star Parker’s Center for Urban Renewal and Education, she said universities are no longer pretending to be marketplaces of ideas.

What else are government schools doing to our children? Watch the brief clip to learn more.

We must stop the indoctrination and fight for First Amendment freedoms.

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  1. The “indoctrination” has been on-going for more decades than simply years. Look up Bernardine Dorhn and Bill Ayers, formerly of The Weather Underground terrorist group (1960’s). Not only did they not spend the rest of their miserable lives in jail, they were given “professorships” at two different universities! As they say, Only In America, and you can look it up. They are retired now; however, you do have to wonder how many of their progeny are “indoctrinating” our/your kids today??