Charlie Crist and More 'Wooing' of Black Voters

CharlieCristReuters reports that Charlie Crist, former Republican and Florida governor, needs a lock on the “black vote” if he hopes to prevail in his challenge against Governor Rick Scott.

(Why did Crist go from conservative to liberal? According to sources, he switched because he thought the GOP was “extreme” on such issues as abortion, i.e., trying to protect unborn life. He also found conservatives “intolerant” and “judgmental.” Newsflash: Everyone is intolerant and judgmental. Most people are intolerant of murder, and I’d guess that a few would judge being fair with people is better than being deceitful.)

Crist apparently will need a “heavy turnout by minority and liberal voters to deliver a major political prize to the Democrats.” His former Republican affiliation — and his firm position on putting prisoners, supported by taxpayers, to work — doesn’t help his cause, regardless of the party switch.

A black liberal blogger said Crist “is a smooth operator, a used car salesman, but he doesn’t mean the African American community any good.”

Crist is “reaching out” to black churches and bringing up past policies “praised” by blacks, including allowing felons to vote. It seems he has to do a fair amount of prostrating to garner sufficient support. Playing up the racial disparity in school discipline might work. (He won’t discuss whether black children display more suspension-worthy behaviors and more often. No one wants to bring that up.)

We at BCN and CURE believe Republicans can acquire a larger share of black voters through a continued focus on traditional values and making a strong case that a smaller and more limited government will improve their economic outlook. Through these values flow the rewards of individual freedom and dignity.

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  1. More GOP crap!! Worked in the school system and saw first hand how blacks and any minority is disciplined more harshly than whites. If you haven’t worked in the system, you have no idea what you are talking about!!!

    • Worked in the school system!! Blacks are disciplined more because they have 10 times more behavior problems than other students. They are not discipline more harshly…..just more.

      Liberals have destroyed public schools by supporting integration over education and common sense. Being able to attend school with whites don’t make you smart.

      Blacks should support vouchers so they would have more choice in education. Having options other than public schools would go a long way in improving education….particular for blacks.