WATCH: Chris Wallace Challenges Dr. Ben Carson on 'Flat Tax'

Is the “flat tax” idea a fair scheme? Dr. Ben Carson recently appeared on Fox News Sunday to discuss why he advocates it.

“I like the idea of a proportional tax,” he said. “That is, you pay according to your ability. And I got that idea, quite frankly, from the Bible. Tithing.” Ten percent. He called it “pretty darn fair, if you ask me.”

Dr. Carson pre-empted the “what about poor people” challenge and said it was condescending that the poor wouldn’t be able to pay their share of taxes and recounts how he grew up poor (and fatherless).

“And I can tell you that poor people have pride, too, and they don’t want to be just taken care of.”

Is that still the case? With today’s cradle-to-grave Big Government help, pride seems a quaint concept.

Dr. Carson noted how difficult it would be for politicians to raise taxes if everybody were paying.

Despite Chris Wallace’s devil’s advocate or actual liberal challenges that a flat tax would be unfair to “the poor” and benefit “the wealthy,” Dr. Carson held firm on his point. The solution would be to eliminate loopholes and deductions and run the government more efficiently, “more like a business.”

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  1. Sounds good for a start but the Fair Tax is the answer not the Flat Tax. Reason…with the Flat tax you still have to report to the IRS and even more importantly the $2trillion+ shadow economy will then pay the tax when the money is spent. (those who have jobs that the income is not tracked like, drug dealers, hookers, service companies like baby sitting, yard services, construction, and other services) In addition a rebate is given up front to those in low income areas to offset the sales or consumption tax. IT also eliminates Corp taxes and brings corporations back on shore. It eliminates ALL deductions..The wealthy are finding deductions and loopholes now so it is not a boon to the wealthy. It also takes the power of manipulation away from the politicians. Flat Tax maybe Fair Tax YES.

    • we can debate fair or flat or whatever … I would lean toward flat just by virtue of the Biblical basis but if that IS the basis, then I would ALSO go with God’s number : 10%!!! Don’t go arguing that we use His system but ignore His number!!! LOL

      Now, REALLY sick and tired of how these con artists have manipulated the language to Marxist parameters … “poor”, “wealthy”, etc. NOBODY’S business how much anybody else is making … including the gubberment … which is why flat is so much better. Gubberment has NOTHING to do with helping ANYBODY … if you get rid of the 90% of gubberment that has no business doing what it is doing (at the federal level) … you have NO PROBLEM operating in 10% tax.

    • Fair tax, flat tax or 9-9-9… The IRS must go! That is my opinion.

  2. I agree with Dr. Carson. The 10% tax for everyone is a fair tax. It would take away some of the IRS power.