Christian Business Suspends Wedding Photography

wedding-cake_2A Christian couple has decided to stop photographing weddings to avoid being forced by the government to provide services for homosexual “weddings.”

Based on their statement, Nang and Chris Mai are far more tactful than the situation warrants. And they’re still called bigots.

It seems that the so-called rights of a minority of an already tiny minority of the U.S population deserve more protection than ours. Our government has codified the aiding and abetting of the sin of homosexuality. The owners of UrLoved Photography would rather forego this part of their business than participate.

The Christian Post reports that the couple referred a homosexual “marrying” another man to a different business. The man left a comment on their Facebook page. An excerpt:

“Great shots, but this company denied me and my fiance, a same-sex couple, from their services,” Kelsall wrote on Facebook. “Stand up and say something about it.”

Following Kelsall’s complaint, the small business was “flooded with hate calls, emails and accusations that inaccurately depict our business,” the couple said.

Following the announcement, Kelsall wrote a second post asking friends to stop contacting the Urloved Photography and writing negative reviews and comments on their various online pages.

At the same time, Nang and Chris Mai admitted they did not handle the situation as well as they should have and explained why they decided not to photograph the same-sex wedding…

Did the man know that this was a Christian-owned business? If so, why go to them in the first place? Would he have gone to a Muslim or Jewish photographer? What are the odds that homosexuals would ever target them?

We’re called haters for upholding biblical principles, but Christians could say the same about our haters. They’re “intolerant” of our beliefs and our constitutional rights, so they must “hate” us. The solution is for homosexuals to seek out non-religious individuals and businesses to perform or service their “weddings.” I suspect that the homosexual lobby targets Christian businesses in particular to make their point.

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

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