Christian Florist To Go Before State's Highest Court Against Homosexual Lobby

Flower shop owner Barronelle Stutzman said at the National Religious Broadcasters Conference last month that she’s shared her customers’ joys and sorrows, making flower arrangements for weddings and funerals. One of her longtime customers and friends was a man named Rob. One day he asked her to make a flower arrangement for his “wedding” to a man. She said she could not. Celebrating sin conflicts with her faith.

Stutzman said that she and Rob parted on good terms after that, but she soon received a certified letter threatening to sue if she didn’t violate her faith and service his “wedding.” She continued to refuse. Although no complaint had been filed, the attorney general sued Stutzman’s flower shop and her personally. The ACLU got involved as well.

WORLD reported that the Washington Supreme Court, the state’s highest court, will hear Stutzman’s case. An excerpt:

Calling the divorce of religious belief from religious expression “unconstitutional and completely hollow,” attorneys for Barronelle Stutzman will argue before the Washington Supreme Court that a “very robust” state statute and U.S. constitutional guarantees support their client. The state high court agreed Mar. 1 to hear the case of the embattled Washington florist sued for declining to create arrangements for a same-sex wedding because of her Christian convictions about marriage.

ACLU attorneys contend the redefinition of marriage and SOGI laws do not deprive Americans of their religious liberties because they can continue to believe whatever they want. But Waggoner noted that interpretation of First Amendment protections defies common sense. People throughout human history have always been free to believe anything they want. America added a new layer of religious liberty by constitutionally protecting freedoms that allow people to act on their religious or non-religious convictions.

Christians know that faith is more than just a thought in your head. It’s freedom of worship, freedom of religious expression, and freedom to live your life according to your faith. What faith do we have if we believe what God says about the sin of homosexuality but celebrate it?

“It does not matter what you think about marriage,” Alliance Defending Freedom attorney Kristen Waggoner told WORLD. “The way these cases come out will affect you.”

Will the homosexual lobby go after Muslim business owners as an example of their relentless drive to silence anyone who opposes their lifestyle? Christians are the low-hanging fruit. They hate what we believe, and they’re determined to stop us from freely living according to a faith that condemns their lifestyle.

Christians must keep resisting — like Stutzman, the Kleins, Elaine Huguenin, Blaine Adamson, and other Christians fighting lower profile battles.

As special privileges — based on sexual behavior — for a tiny minority grow, the weaker our constitutional rights become.


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