WATCH: Trump Rioters Won't Like Sheriff David Clarke's Advice to His Supporters

Sheriff David Clarke, who doesn’t mince words when it comes to the so-called Black Lives Matter movement and other groups that cause disruptive protests, speaks freely about the riots at Donald Trump’s rallies.

Fox News host asked the sheriff how to keep the calm.

“First of all, Neil, these are rebellions, and they’re brought on by riot-starters who show up at these things to create chaos. This is a threat to ordered liberty in the United States of America.”

The presidential candidates and their supporters have every right to participate in our democratic process, the sheriff added. He called the rioters bullies and goons who try to thwart this process.

Trump’s Chicago rally was canceled over public safety. “Why don’t we cancel these rebellions in the name of public safety?” Sheriff Clarke said. The people who showed up to hear Trump speak “had their civil rights violated.” They wanted to participate in presidential election politics, as the U.S. Constitution allows. 

“Donald Trump’s First Amendment rights were squashed [last Saturday] because of the cancellation of this rally. I expect the people who show up at these rallies to stand up for themselves and don’t back down to these bullies and these goons…The numbers are on your side.”

Sheriff Clarke said he also expects the police to do their jobs at these rallies and for law-abiding citizens to step in if the police need a hand. He said he’s not advocating violence, but he’s not backing down.

Cavuto asked whether Trump stokes these kinds of reactions with his “language and tone.”

The sheriff said he’s not going to blame Trump for the violence, and he’s not defending him. Trump can defend himself.

“Look at some of the rhetoric and the language used by Mrs. Bill Clinton and Bernie Sanders at their rallies and at their debates, how they criticize the police. They attack the police. They stoke up racial animosity. The president of the United States is the one that created this division, stoking up racial discord, class warfare, gender warfare for the last eight years. For people to blame this on Donald Trump is way out of bounds.”

Cavuto asked how to calm the situation at Trump’s rallies. Watch the brief clip for Sheriff Clarke’s response, especially what he says Trump represents.

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  1. Bravo!!! Sheriff David Clarke, you said it so well and with authority. I really appreciate you speaking the truth about this freedom of speech matter.