Christianity Today Affirms Position on Protecting Marriage

DefendMarriageA Christian publication shouldn’t have to affirm that it opposes homosexual “marriage.” It should be assumed that Christians, at least the ones who’ve read the Bible, reject the idea that homosexuality is normal and good, ignoring what God said about it.

But these days…

Tony Campolo, a so-called prominent evangelical, recently announced that he’s rejected what God says about the sin of homosexuality and believes the country should redefine marriage to include two people (why only two?) of the same sex. The 80-year-old Campolo is probably best known for counseling the adulterous Bill Clinton.

Worse than Campolo is David Neff, a retired editor at Christianity Today (CT). He told the world that he also approves of what God calls an abomination.

Mark Galli, CT’s current editor, wrote an editorial that makes clear the magazine’s position on the issue. An excerpt (emphasis added):

“[W]e were surprised when former CT editor David Neff on Facebook praised Campolo’s move. As he put it in an email to me clarifying his comment, “I think the ethically responsible thing for gay and lesbian Christians to do is to form lasting, covenanted partnerships. I also believe that the church should help them in those partnerships in the same way the church should fortify traditional marriages.”

“At CT, we’re saddened that David has come to this conclusion. Saddened because we firmly believe that the Bible teaches that God intends the most intimate of covenant relationships to be enjoyed exclusively by a man and a woman. We’ve stated this view explicitly in many editorials, and it is implicit but clear in many of our feature stories.

“Still, many of our readers become alarmed when a prominent evangelical leader says otherwise. Add the changes of mind to the legal juggernaut sweeping through the land to legitimize gay marriage, and the orthodox can become demoralized. They fear that history will sweep all of us into this view eventually.

“But it’s not at all certain that the rapid cultural shift in America on gay marriage will be mirrored in the Christian church. North American and European Christians who believe in gay marriage are a small minority in these regions, and churches that ascribe to a more liberal sexual ethic continue to wither. Meanwhile, poll Christians in Africa, Asia, and practically anywhere in the world, and you’ll hear a resounding “no” to gay marriage. Scan the history of the church for 2,000 years and you’ll have a hard time turning up any Christian who would support same-sex marriage. The church has been and remains overwhelmingly united. It’s undergoing stress, certainly. But the evidence doesn’t support a narrative of division and collapse on this point.”

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  1. Christianity Today was founded by Billy Graham, a 33 degree Freemason whose ‘god” is Lucifer.

    • Are they stupid? There is NO such thing as a Christian gay or lesbian person. When will America get it’s head out of the sand and stand for what the Bible teaches? I am so sick and tired of all this nonsense that in the Mighty Name of Jesus I call on ALL Christian churches to start boycotting the sponsors of anyone supporting the lgbt nonsense. In Jesus Holy Name, Amen.