Christians Leaving the Military

ArmedForcesMilitaryThis piece of news is both sad and satisfying. As the military — the whole U.S. government, in fact — grows more hostile to Christians, fewer believers are willing to risk their lives to defend “freedom.”

Christianity underpins not only the U.S. but western civilization in general. As the nations became wealthier and more technologically advanced, people hostile to the faith, yet protected by the biblical values they hate, sought to openly suppress traditional values and religious freedom.

Be careful what you wish for…

The Washington Times reported on what happened with a chaplain who did what chaplains do:

In December, a chaplain for a Ranger training battalion received an administrative letter of concern after a soldier complained that he advocated Christianity and used the Bible during a mandatory unit suicide-prevention training session. The Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers said the chaplain “used his official position to force his personal religious beliefs on a captive military audience” in an article the group posted on its website.

And, last month, a Navy chaplain was removed from his post and may lose his career after some sailors complained about his private counseling, in which he reportedly advocated against homosexuality and sex outside of marriage.

It reads like something from The Onion. A member of the clergy is reprimanded for being religious.

Perhaps receding from certain areas isn’t such a bad idea for Christians. For example, Christians should stick to their guns (pardon the pun) when it comes to their businesses, the well-being of their children, and the like, but refuse to risk life and limb for a government intent on suppressing them. Give the unbelievers what they want. Let the godless risk it all for “freedom.” Let them erect their monuments to unbelief. Let homosexuality and “transgenderism” in the military flourish.

God calls Christians to be salt and light in this fallen world, so there’s no retreating from that. But we can pick our battles. If military chaplains and other enlisted men and women can’t openly practice their faith, perhaps it’s time for them to shake the dust from their feet.

Do you think Christians leaving or not joining the military is a good idea or bad?

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  1. What is the military without Christian influence and guidance? Trained killers.

  2. In Daniel chapter six, Daniel’s contemporaries sought for a way to undermine him and force him out of both the King’s cabinet and ultimately end his life. We all know the story how Daniel’s foes convinced the King that anyone praying to anyone other than King Darius would be put to death. Daniel 6:10 tells us when Daniel learned of the edict he went to his home, opened his windows, and prayed to his God three times a day as he had done before the edict had been enacted. Would to God that our military Christian Chaplains open their windows and pray to God just as they did before the King’s edict. Would to God that Christians would encourage our Christians in the military like we have never done before. They need assurance that the Christian community is going to stand behind them and their families. To whomever, wrote the above article, SHAME ON YOU for intimating that Christians ought to walk away and give the military to the atheists and sinful men control our fighting forces. This IS NOT the kind of message to send to our Christians in the military.

  3. #1. Christians are all Jews. We together have contributed to what this country is. Christians recognize the prophets of the Old Testament. They’ve just added one. We (Christians and Jews) have kids and grandkids to whom we would want to pass this country intact. If I didn’t have kids, I’d be ready to bail on this place.

  4. Babylon will fall and this [Christians leaving the military] is just the start of it.