City Officials Exposed – The $15 Lie

In the progressive war against the poor, progressives win when they’re able to raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour across the country because it sounds like they care!

After all, the national hourly wage for an entry-level trained paralegal is $14.45 per hour.

A dental assistant is $13.64 per hour.

And a paramedic is $15.70 per hour.

Progressives make a great argument that too many Americans believe: why shouldn’t Americans start at the same wage?

But what liberals do not tell unskilled Americans who try to reach for the bottom rung of the socio-economic ladder is that minimum wage laws keep them from even reaching that bottom rung. And blacks suffer the most.

This week, the city of Seattle released a study after they increased the minimum wage. They discovered that 5,000 jobs for unskilled employees were LOST! And employers were forced to reduce the hours of employees, forcing workers to earn $125 LESS per month! It wasn’t supposed to work like this! But progressives will not stop. Just yesterday, San Francisco implemented a $14 minimum wage.

Plain and simple, progressives don’t want minorities to have jobs. They want Americans dependent on Uncle Sam’s Plantation and to vote for more laws that sound great and keep progressives in power!

Friend, America’s cities set the tone of politics in our country. We will NOT win if we don’t appeal to the hearts AND minds of ALL Americans.

That’s why I started This website sends information about policies from Americans like me, Walter Williams, Ben Carson, and Thomas Sowell to our pastors who read, print, and forward their information to Americans who have never heard our ideas who sit in their pews. My show “CURE America with Star Parker” will also soon be featured on this website.

Right now, I want to create a new section of this website that focuses on news and data about the minimum wage. I want to send this site to our pastors and readers so they can share it with thousands of Americans who believe the lie that a $15 minimum wage actually helps unskilled Americans start a path to prosperity.

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One comment

  1. I’m with you all the way Star! I believe we must break the cycle of poverty that the Progressive elitists have imposed on American Blacks! Kids especially boys need fathers, so restoring the nuclear family is not only essential for the blacks in America, but for all freedom loving Americans.
    Every thing Progressives do has but one purpose, to create a centralized government! Their continual attacks on the Constitution through liberal courts. We conservatives are spending enormous political capital fighting off these attacks and barely hanging on. We need help the Black families break this cycle of dependence and rediscover America for what she is, the greatest place to live and prosper, and be the architects of their own future! We need all Americans as allies in this struggle against the left, so it is my belief that winning the hearts and minds of the Black community is only best hope to stop this Progressive onslaught, by changing welfare laws to encourage two parent homes, encourage and perhaps help subsidize black entrepreneurship, and facilitate home ownership. The election President Trump has been a surprising beacon of hope, principally because of his treatment of the left’s number one ally, the MSM and of course his political appointments such as Gorsuch to SCOTUS and Ben Carson to HUD.
    The Conservatives need to find a way to unite the way the Progressives have, They have many groups that are philosophically opposed to each other yet they have united behind one common gaol, the socialization of America! I believe the Congress should flat repeal the ACA if they cannot reach a truly conservative agreement, then approach in a fiscally conservative way so they can get on with rebuilding black communities and eventually assimilating those communities into a single yet diverse and uniquely “American culture”! How can we bring this critical issue to the forefront of the conservative agenda?
    I miss Ben Carson’s weekly columns, and hear nothing of his progress, I suppose because the press is so focussed on POTUS and the Russian conspiracy BS. I pray you read this and address some of the issues I have mentioned in some of you up coming columns.