College Students Who Support ‘Diversity’ in Hiring and Admissions Asked Whether They Support Quotas in Sports — Their Answers WON’T Surprise You

Affirmative action and “diversity” policies are euphemisms for racial discrimination. To hire or admit an individual based on race is to reject another individual based on race. Any organization that has a “diversity” quota policy for hiring or admissions is discriminating against people based on race.

A reporter for Campus Reform asked students at the University of Florida whether they supported “diversity” quotas in hiring and admissions decisions. All the students provided the politically correct answer: yes.

But when the reporter asked whether they supported diversity quotas for college sports teams — on game day, no less — they gave a different answer: NO. Sports teams selections should be based on talent, they said. Why? Because they want their team to win! So shouldn’t hiring and admissions be based on talent so organizations can “win”?

When confronted with the double standard, the students conceded that to get the best candidates, hiring and admissions should be based on talent and skills.

“College professor here,” a commenter on the video wrote. “The reality is that conversations like these may be the very first time anyone on campus has engaged these students in a simple critical thinking exercise about their beliefs. That illustrates how politically monolithic campuses are these days. Campuses are often ideological bubbles surrounded by reality.”

Watch the video for more.

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