Conservative Christians Must Vote in November

Our single vote seems insignificant, but the cumulative effect of millions of conservative Christians voting might turn the country around. The Family Research Council is encouraging conservative Christians to cast their ballots in November. Pastors aren’t risking their church’s tax-exempt status by encouraging the congregation to vote their values.

“If the pastors remain silent, the country is going to fall off the cliff,” Vision America’s Rev. Rick Scarborough said. “We’re close now.”

Urban CURE’s Star Parker is working to create a network of pastors to speak the truth about Big Government, which limits our freedom — including religious freedom. A network of pastors would also provide an alternative to the loud Al Sharptons and Jesse Jacksons in the media. People who profess Christ, especially those who vote for Democrats, need to hear pro-life, pro-marriage, and personal responsibility messages.

Star wants to equip these pastors with the infrastructure they need to educate and encourage. A pastor encouraged her to turn her back on government dependency, and she wants to see others on welfare seek a life of independence and freedom. Her message to them is this:

“CURE teaches that the poor are not poor because the rich are rich. We teach why personal responsibility and limited government makes us free. When people hear the truth about the liberal lies that have been spread for half a century without a single result to show for it, they change their minds like I did. And imagine a black pastor speaking to a black congregation how limited government secures freedom!”

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