Watch: Obama Could Be Calling His Lawyers After The Revelation Allen West Just Made

Judge Jeanine Pirro remarked that the Obama Administration is violating federal law by reducing the military by 90,000 while simultaneously recruiting illegal immigrants into the armed services and arming them through unilateral executive order. Retired Army Lieutenant Colonel Allen West joined the judge to discuss this unlawful action. Col. West agreed with Judge Jeanine’s comment that it is a felony to arm an illegal immigrant under Title 18 USC 922 (d)(5a)

“When has law ever meant anything to Barack Hussein Obama? But the more important thing that we have to come to understand is if you go to the Constitution, to Article I, Section VIII, Clause number 4, that says that only the Congress has the ability to make rules or laws in regards to naturalization; the president does not have that. So, when you go back and look at the executive order he did, calling it a DREAM Act, you look at this edict that he has sent down, it is an unlawful order.”

Judge Jeanine noted that the Obama Administration is constantly trying to erode American citizens’ Second Amendment rights, yet at the same time attempting to give illegals guns “to fight for our country” to give them a pathway to citizenship, which in itself admits that they are not citizens.

Col. West explained that this is the plan by Obama to provide amnesty to the 11.5 million illegal aliens that are currently in the country, which is part of the demographics transformation to get those illegals to vote Democrat when they become citizens.

The Colonel said that Obama’s demand that the military sign-up illegals is, in fact, an unlawful order that military recruiters are “well within their rights” to disobey.

(h/t: TPNN)

Image Credit:  Fox News

BCN editor’s note: This article first appeared at Western Journalism.

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