'Continue to Give' Is GoFundMe Alternative for Christians

SweetCakesWith the granting of special rights to homosexuals and people who want to pretend to be the opposite sex, Christians face more challenges to their religious freedom.

After the Christian owners of Sweet Cakes bakery declined to make a “wedding” cake for two lesbians, they complained. A judge ruled that the owners illegally discriminated against them based on “sexual orientation” and fined the business $135,000 for the women’s “emotional suffering.”

Sympathizers raised over $100,000 for the business on GoFundMe. Homosexuals complained, and GoFundMe took down the page. That was all it took. The government penalized Sweet Cakes’s owners for exercising their right to religious freedom, and GoFundMe followed suit.

This is why people of faith need alternatives and options. A crowdfunding platform called Continue to Give has set up a page for Sweet Cakes for those who want to support the business. Via the Washington Times:

“We were recently contacted by an organization called Continue to Give offering to establish an alternative fundraising platform for us in light of Gofundme’s decision to remove the account set up for our benefit,” said the post by Sweet Cakes by Melissa. “We accepted their gracious offer and have set up an account.”

“Of course, we don’t expect anything,” the post said. “However, so many people have asked where and how they can support us that it makes sense to establish this central and convenient platform should anyone want to give to us directly.”

GoFundMe’s excuse for taking down the fundraising page was a so-called policy against “formal charges in defense of heinous crimes,” although the bakery’s owners hadn’t been charged with a crime. The policy suddenly changed to “heinous crimes, violent, hateful, sexual or discriminatory acts.” Transparent caving to the homosexual lobby. Never mind the discriminatory acts against Christians.

Don’t be surprised when homosexuals challenge Continue to Give. They’re like the Borg. They know about the company now, and the Collective will come after it. The goal isn’t “marriage equality.” It’s an in-your-face attempt to crush dissent, to punish, and to enforce (through government power) celebration of a lifestyle our God calls sinful.

Photo credit: Sweet Cakes

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