Court Rejects Virginia's Majority-Black District Map

WIvotingYesterday, a three-judge panel of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia ruled 2-1 that a majority-black congressional map was unconstitutional. The panel contended that the map put too many black voters into one district, which would make Republicans in neighboring districts safer. From Reuters:

TThe case began in October 2013, when three Virginia voters sued the state’s Board of Elections, arguing the 3rd congressional district was racially gerrymandered, diluting black voters influence in neighboring districts and violating their constitutional rights.

The judicial panel found that race “predominated” in the drawing of the district, which stretches from Richmond to Norfolk and is represented by Democrat Bobby Scott.

The dissenting judge said the issue isn’t racial bias but protecting incumbents. The present map will stand through the November election. Unfortunately, in this politically correct society, any law that adversely impacts certain racial and ethnic groups is suspect. Even if so-called racial discrimination isn’t the intent, courts can still strike down the law.

Photo credit: noelle-christine-images (Creative Commons)

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