Ryan Bomberger, Sued By the NAACP, Says He Won't Be Silenced

BCN contributor Ryan Bomberger, sued by the NAACP for copyright infringement, recently spoke at the annual Values Voter Summit in Washington, D.C. The pro-life and pro-adoption founder of the Radiance Foundation is highly critical of the NAACP’s pro-abortion position.

(Also see the video of Star Parker at the Values Voter Summit.)

A few years ago, I interviewed Ryan, where he talked about being conceived in rape and given up for adoption instead of being aborted. An excerpt:

Ten adopted and three natural children later, the Bombergers were a multiracial assortment that made the Jolie-Pitt family look like amateurs, with American Indian, Vietnamese, black/white, white, and black children. “People look at us like we’re some kind of freak show,” he said, laughing. “‘What is this?’ This is family. This is what it looks like.”

“[My parents] could have had a life of convenience,” he said. “Our family owns a department store, and they could have had a cushy sort of life, but instead they have thirteen children. There were lots of hand-me-downs, handed down hand-me-downs…they really understood what sacrifice was…they knew that adoption was a way of unleashing purpose, and our family was transformed by that. It was transformed culturally and in so many other ways, because of the beautiful act of adoption.”

Ryan is under a gag order not to speak about the NAACP. He’s appealed to the Fourth Circuit.

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