Is the COVID Pandemic Fueling the ‘Constitutional Carry’ Movement?

Does the rate of gun ownership rise during national and global crises?

After a mass shooting like the one in Sacramento on Sunday, for example, the first thing leftists tend to do is demand that the government restrict gun rights for law-abiding Americans — because they know criminals certainly won’t give up their guns. In fact, the most powerful leftist of all, President Joe Biden, is calling on Congress to write gun-control laws in light of this tragedy.

Red states and Republican governors see the proverbial writing on the wall. As of this writing, 25 states allow permitless concealed carry, also known as Constitutional Carry. Indiana and Georgia are the most recent states to join the movement.

Paul Bedard, Washington Secrets Columnist at the Washington Examiner, wrote:

It turns out that there is a COVID-19 side effect that won’t hurt you. In fact, it may save your life.

Since the nation shut down in March 2020 as the coronavirus crisis hit, 10 states have cleared the way for citizens to carry handguns.

A movement that began in Alaska in 2003 will reach exactly half the country this month when Georgia this week becomes the 25th state to OK “constitutional carry,” meaning there are few rules barring the carrying of handguns.

“COVID actually turbocharged the constitutional carry movement,” National Rifle Association chief lobbyist Jason Ouimet told Secrets.

Bedard continues Ouimet’s quote. People were stuck in their homes during lockdown, and I know for myself, I perceived that the police were tied up with other matters. Would they come quickly if I needed them during the lockdown? No doubt the Black Lives Matter riots in the summer of 2020 made Americans uneasy.

Since COVID-19 and the 2020 riots, guns have been hot. Sales reached historic levels. More minorities than ever, especially black people and women, purchased guns and took lessons on how to comply with the new carry laws.

And the rush isn’t over. With 42 states allowing constitutional or permitless carry, the rest could be forced into the gun club by the Supreme Court, which is poised to strike down restrictions the eight remaining states have erected on Second Amendment rights.

With each new mass shooting, leftists will jump on the opportunity to disarm law-abiding Americans. All states should allow law-abiding citizens to buy and carry handguns concealed without government permission and non-residents to travel through or visit all states with their handguns without government permission.

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