Fox News Hires Caitlyn Jenner and Calls Him ‘She’ — Is it Time for Christians to Rethink Consuming ‘Conservative’ Media?

What happened to Fox News? Conservatives want to know.

In an era when conserving biblical values is of the utmost importance, the “conservatives” at Fox News have hired Caitlyn Jenner, a man pretending to be a woman, as a commentator on…conservative values? One of those values is truth. Humans are born male or female, and there’s no such thing as “transgender” or transitioning from one sex to the other. Mainstreaming this nonsense idea is in-your-face mockery, and not something to take seriously.

Fox News host Tomi Lahren welcomed Jenner in a tweet: “She is a kind and wonderful human who fights harder for freedom and American values than most. Anyone who says any different likely hasn’t met her or given her a chance. I am proud to call her a friend and now a colleague!”

Yikes. If I ever met Jenner, I would call him Caitlyn. Anyone can change their names. It doesn’t matter to me what people call themselves. But no one can change their sex. Caitlyn Jenner is a man.

Conservative pastors on Twitter told Fox News what they thought about it.

Reformed Baptist pastor John Carpenter tweeted: “Jenner is male. In English, we use ‘he’ for males. If you can’t tell the truth about simple biology, how are we supposed to trust you with the news?”

Another Reformed pastor, Dr. James White, tweeted: “Dear @FoxNews: The moment Bruce Jenner appears on my screen on Fox is the moment you join MSNBC and CNN. Cancelled. And believe me, I am not alone. A man pretending to be a woman, accepting lies (pronouns) from ostensible conservatives, is an insult in any sane, moral world.”

Fox News doesn’t seem to care that many Christians watch the network. Perhaps hiring a man pretending to be a woman and also calling him “she” will get Christians to stop watching.

Jenner opposes men pretending to women competing against women in sports and calls himself a Republican. Is that why Fox News thought it was okay to hire him on a conservative network that Christians watch? It’s time for believers to rethink their consumption of “conservative” news and allow the Bible to inform their worldview.

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  1. When the Circus Came to town in the past , they would have the Freaks in a Side Show hidden away from the general public because Most people Don’t Want to see Freaks! FOX will lose many viewers when the Freak Jenner is on!

  2. Many of us stopped watching FOX the night of that first debate with Trump. We were disgusted with the way the 3 moderators, Brett, Wallace and Kelly, treated the GOP candidates. It wasn’t just Trump. It was the way they treated them all, asking snarky questions about them talking to God, etc.
    We all loved the folks at FOX. We considered them family. We prayed for their sick relatives, defended them from all attacks, and cheered on all their happier occasions. That night, however, we realized that they not only didn’t share our values–they mocked them.
    They lost more people when they hired Donna Brazile, the debate cheat. That was the final straw for so many. In our house we cut the cable, so don’t watch, but from what I hear, many only watch Tucker and Judge Janine.

  3. The only person I still follow that has any relation to Fox is Tucker Carlson. He is one of the few let that speak the truth that others will ignore.