CURE Clergy Member on the Texas School Shooting — Removing God and Morality, Reaping Chaos and Destruction

Perhaps the only thing worse than facing an unthinkably horrific, senseless tragedy, is having to watch federal political actors feign outrage. Unfortunately, it is apparent to many that they are simply trying to accomplish their agenda while ignoring the cost they heap on the shoulders of everyday citizens.

One of the reasons many politicians are so quick to blame weapons for the despicable tragedies taking place in our society is to shift the focus from the philosophical confusion they have shoveled into the souls of our children.

We have been led by a generation that has taught our children that morals are relative, gender is socially constructed — male and female are not determined by biology — that it is okay to destroy life in the womb, that drugs aren’t all that bad, and that common courtesy and respect for others is unnecessary.

Why, then, are we surprised that these same children think it is okay to go into schools and take life with no regard for the suffering they will cause?

We have built an education system that has replaced family with government and discipline for the cult of self-esteem. Now we have young people who are disconnected from reality and who pursue blood lusts to their own demise. How terrible!

What, then, is the answer? First, we need to refocus our morals, our spiritual compass, and how we approach the mental health of our young people. AR 15s have been in civilians’ hands for over 60 years. Yet we only now are seeing exponential mass shootings. On the other hand, we have removed God, discipline, standards, and morality from our schools, and now we are reaping destruction, chaos, and instability.

Next, I believe we need to remove these poor leaders who advocate to defund police in order to protect minorities then quietly ignore the increase in crime and the skyrocketing homicide rate in black communities. These same leaders advocate disarming our public while also ignoring that a school shooting in Charleston was stopped by an armed citizen. To her, I say thank you ma’am for doing what we as citizens must do, and that is protect ourselves.

Pastor Ken Fontenot
Bethel Baptist Church, Wilson NC
Republican Candidate NC House District 24

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  1. Great article and I enjoyed reading. Sharing this on my blog. I lived in Wilson, NC years back, a neat place.

  2. Well Stated Facts, Thank You Pastor Fontenot!

  3. Exceptionally stated.

  4. Wise words. While we’re at it, maybe stop dispensing so many psychostimulants (e.g. Adderall, Ritalin, etc.) to children as they though were candy? That could help.