Defenders of Zion: NRB 2024 — Watch CURE America with Star Parker

Star Parker and CURE’s media team flew to Nashville, Tennessee, to attend the 80th anniversary of the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) convention. In this special episode of CURE America with Star Parker marking the milestone of the NRB convention, we delve into the heart of contemporary issues and triumphs within the Christian community, where the word on everyone’s lips is Israel.

The show begins with Josiah O’Neil, the founder of Defending Truth and author of the eponymous book. He passionately guides viewers on defending Christian values in the ongoing cultural war.

Next, we hear from Jim Sanders, the newly elected chairman of NRB, with 40 years of experience, shedding light on the exciting changes in store for the organization.

The spotlight then turns to Eyal Carlin, tourism commissioner to North America at the Israel Ministry of Tourism. Despite the ongoing war, he encourages everyone to visit Israel, emphasizing that tourism remains resilient.

Frank Anthony Pavone, national director of Priests for Life, tackles the sensitive issue of abortion, offering insights into his perspective.
Jil Daly, director at the Israel Government of Tourism, updates viewers on initiatives to revive tourism in Israel and rediscover the Holy Land.

The narrative intensifies as Star talks to two paramedics, first responders on October 7th, who recount their experiences in saving victims of the tragic events orchestrated by Hamas.

As a special feature, former Ambassador David Friedman delivers a message exclusively to the American people through our media outlet, Black Community News. Unfortunately, we can’t reveal the content here, so stay tuned and watch this episode to hear his message.

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