Girls Basketball Coach Said Allowing Boys to Play Against Girls is Irresponsible — Then Vermont Banned His Team

A girls basketball coach decided to withdraw his team from the first round of a state-sponsored tournament after he learned that his team would have to compete against a team with a boy on it.

Chris Goodwin, basketball coach of the girls’ team at Mid Vermont Christian School, heard that a boy pretending to be a girl was playing on a team in their division. The team didn’t appear on their regular season schedule. But the coach realized the two teams would meet in the playoffs. Goodwin decided to forfeit a first-round playoff game and withdraw from the tournament. He did not want to expose his players to the risk of injuries. Goodwin said he’d discussed forfeiting for safety with parents, players, and the administration.

The Vermont Principals’ Association (VPA), however, did not appreciate Goodwin’s efforts to protect the girls on his team from a tall, fast, and strong boy throwing elbows and easily knocking down girls. VPA blocked Mid Vermont Christian School from participating in competitions in the state.

Protecting girls from physical injuries against boys who have a unfair physical advantage violates the “transgender” policy.

Mid Vermont Christian School filed a lawsuit in federal court against the state.

Alliance Defending Freedom (AFL), the school’s legal counsel, said that VPA used to ban boys from playing on girls’ sports teams.

But cultural rot has set in.

Mid Vermont Christian School also can’t participate in the state’s tuition program because of its religious beliefs about sexuality. Goodwin recently appeared on Fox News to discuss what happened.

He said he has coached all four of his daughters at one point and filled in coaching boys basketball team practices. He knows the physical danger. Goodwin said boys just play “at a different speed, a different force…it’s a different game.”

Goodwin said he’d never have his daughters playing at a boys’ practice, and vice versa. It’s asking for an injury, and it would be irresponsible.

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